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Hi there, I'm Dr. Payne.  I graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School at San Antonio, then completed an internship in Internal Medicine followed by residency in Anesthesiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. I was a Chief Resident in my final year and was voted Outstanding Fourth Year Resident. 

Upon completion of my training, I moved to the Denver area. After practicing anesthesiology for a number of years, and then practicing at the Vein Care Institute/MEND in Lakewood, I decided to pursue my passion in whole-health medicine. I was fed up with the traditional medical system that is controlled by insurance companies and treats the patient as a commodity. Making a true impact in people's lives is my goal, working on root causes and a more natural approach to wellness.  

Longevity Integrative Wellness is focused on this pursuit of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I feel that health in all four of these areas is necessary for a person to be truly well and to find happiness. 

Live -

longer, better, stronger.

"Dr. Payne is one of the few doctors who I’ve actually felt “heard” by. I was so done with my PCP saying “Just have to stick to Weight Watchers.” It wasn’t about what I was doing wrong, I had lots going on…I am down 10 lbs and would like to lose another 15 but at least I know that it’s not impossible for me to lose weight! Dr. Payne has a sincere desire to connect with his patients and help them. I highly recommend Dr. Payne and only wish I would have started seeing him years ago."       - Jayne B., age 51

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