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Attitude Adjustments

I think we can all get caught up in the daily grind and we often allow inertia to set in and keep us in that proverbial rut. We lose focus on what it means to live and we end up going through the motions of our daily lives instead. It is easy to do. There are bills to pay, those deadlines at work, the housework, the yardwork, homework, getting the kids to and from their activities, grocery shopping, and the list goes on and on.

But guess what? That's life. Those are the things we have to do. But it doesn't mean we have to see them in a negative light. It doesn't mean we have to get discouraged and upset. It doesn't mean we have to muddle along and not enjoy ourselves. No, it just means we have to adjust our attitudes. And it really is that easy. Change how you view the negative things in your life. Especially the day-to-day menial tasks that we all must do. Those should be the easiest for us to reset and see in a different way.

Let me explain - instead of griping about having to do the laundry, take a moment beforehand to understand why you dislike the activity. Most likely it's because it is boring. Same thing with washing the dishes, shopping, pulling weeds, or whatever it is that you need to do. Once you understand why you don't like doing something, then it is actually easy to alter your mindset about it. If something seems boring, then decide to use that time to listen to your favorite music or an audiobook. Think of it as an opportunity to do something for yourself at the same time. Those mundane tasks are easy to do while your brain can still focus on something more pleasurable. In addition, focus your mind on the actual accomplishment of finishing those tasks. Take pride in doing a good job and in actually completing the activity.

If you get frustrated with your commute, or driving children to and from school, sports, and other activities, learn to use that time in the same way. If you are by yourself, listen to your favorite podcasts or audiobooks - what a great time to learn something and stimulate your mind. Use the time to listen to your favorite music or even the simple concept to take in your surroundings and notice the beauty around you. Be more present in your environment, even if you are stuck in your vehicle. Look at the mountains, the lakes, the ocean, the plains, the trees, the flowers, the sky - take it all in and be mindful of your place in the world. It is amazing how you start to notice things when you allow yourself to do this. You start to see the beauty and the magnificence all around us. And that can instill a bit more happiness in our lives every day.

If you are driving your children places, take the opportunity to connect with them. Ask them about their schoolwork, their friends, their teachers. Embrace that time you get to spend with them, as it flies by quickly and they are on their own before you know it. Be grateful for that time, be grateful for the connection.

If you are tired of the work grind, find a way to enjoy it. Challenge yourself to get a promotion, an revel in your drive and your will to succeed. Learn new skills so you can get that dream job if you know your current job isn't it. Stimulate your brain with the tasks you perform every day, finding ways to grow and do things better. Connect with your co-workers and decide to get to know them better.

I think the key is to dive into your actions, to be present in the moment even if it seems boring or it isn't necessarily what you would call fun. Regardless of what it is you have to do, just own it. Own it in a way that makes you happy. Maybe it's doing it faster, or better than you used to do it, or even slowing down and taking that time to relax and think about other things that need your attention. We will all approach this differently, but we can all change how we view these little tasks that that are part of life.

By changing the way you think about these activities, you bring a bit more joy into your life. And by feeling more daily enjoyment, you stop focusing on the weekends, or vacation time, or your days off. Most people feel like they live for those times away from work and away from those chores. But when you start enjoying work more, and you take on a positive attitude around chores, life inherently becomes better. You are no longer working for the weekend. You are no longer feeling negatively about your daily life. You are no longer frustrated and bored. And these things all lead to being healthier and happier. So decide to alter that attitude and go make it happen!

An essential part of my approach to every patient is evaluating attitudes and helping with these kinds of adjustments as needed. So call today and set up an appointment. You'd be amazed how changing your mindset can affect your health, and how working on mental and emotional growth can affect your happiness.

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